I'm Harry Chatburn, a 4th year student at Abertay University studying Game Design and Production. I am massively passionate about everything games, with a goal of being involved in the development of industry recognised projects.
My current project is Spellcasters, a unique rhythm based combat game developed as a team of five, which has won two awards through Dare Academy. I am engaged in both the base game development and a solo Spellcasters expansion project for my Honours year.
I have occupied various roles in team projects, but primarily work as a Producer or Designer. I am extremely motivated and dedicated to the completion of my tasks to the highest possible level and detail. Remaining calm under pressure allows me to work fast and efficient, always trying to lead by example to the rest of my peers. Keeping open to criticism and and viewing my own work critically allows me to identify problems and apply the best solutions. I am always open to the challenges of game development and want to actively learn the best practices for creating engaging experiences.
In my spare time I enjoy playing games of all genres, but particularly enjoy the competitive nature of tactical first-person shooters and grand strategy games. I am actively playing Counter-Strike, Arma 3, and Pokemon games, recently Pokemon Shield. Outside of gaming, I enjoy walking and exploring new places, and practising cooking.
If you would like to get in touch with me, see Contact. CV can be provided upon request.